Companies can get involved in MHD as Event sponsors, Prize sponsors and/or presenting their technologies to MHD attendees so they can later on create applications on the top of them. MHD is a pool of talented and creative people, don’t miss the chance if your company is hiring! If you would like to get involved as a company, please send us an e-mail to: barcelonamhd at upf · edu

Why Present?

  • To be a presenter at the MHD is an excellent opportunity to advertise your products and technology. You will be able to bring along 1 presenter / evangelist of your technologies together with up to 2 hackers who are expected to help those hackers using your technologies for their hacks
  • If you are hiring, MHD is the place to find creative talented professionals.
  • Significant traffic to all submitted hacks during and after the event, big part built on the top of technologies provided by involved companies.

Why Prize Sponsor?

  • You can propose a challenge for hackers willing to use your technology in creative ways. The MHD is a pool of highly talented hackers, they might help you discovering new use cases and applications of your technology!

Why Sponsor?

  • Music Hack Day is a totally not-for-profit event run by volunteers. Our goal is to keep the event totally free for attendees and companies who may wish to be involved. Therefore we rely on the goodwill of sponsors to make all this cool music stuff happen. We have a range of sponsorship levels to suit everyone.
  • Sónar is a leader event in Europe. With more than 121.000 spectators and 1.600 companies attending Sónar last year.
  • Music Hack Day hits a perfect sweet spot between the music scene and the buzz surrounding new web and mobile apps.
  • It gives the access to a growing network of engaged and talented developers worldwide.

What we offer is:

For Sponsors starting from 500 €

  • Sponsor logo on MHD communications including:
    • Communications to participants
    • Official Barcelona MHD website, on-site signage and printed materials
    • Thanks via announcements, Twitter, email and social networks.
    • Access for 4 representatives (2 hackers + 2 presenter/evangelist)
  • 1 slot for Presenting your technologies on the Sónar+D stage within Sonar+D

For Sponsorship contributions > 1500 €

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions:
  • Production of commemorative item or special gift to hackers (e.g. T-shirts, bracelets, etc.)
  • Product placement at high visibility at the event

For Sponsorship contributions > 2000 €

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, your logo would appear also:
  • In the Sonar+D website as a collaboration company
  • Newsletter to all Sónar professionals’ database
  • The Sonar+D hand program

*Please note that hackers are expected to stay the whole session within the MHD space developing their stuff and thus might enjoy of better conditions than companies’ evangelists in terms of (wired) connection and access to power supply

For any further information please email us: barcelonamhd [at] upf [dot] edu.