Changes at Barcelona MHD

Every year we keep trying to improve things here at the Barcelona MHD, with the aim to help hackers increase the quality of their resulting hacks. As a result, we have made a few changes to the way companies present their technologies and the way hackers collaborate with each other.


New conditions!

  • All hacks should be built by teams of 2 or more hackers
  • A hacker can only participate in 1 hack
  • We have made some changes to the registration process. Please have a look at the Registation section.


The time slot reserved to API presentations will be shorter this time. We don’t want to bore the hackers with a 2+ hour presentation. Instead, we’re proposing this:

  • Only new companies or companies presenting new technologies (e.g., new api functionality) will be allowed to present at the API presentation.
  • For companies involved in the MHD but not presenting new technologies, Sónar+D will provide a stage (called Sónar+D stage) where you can present your technologies to a broader (although not specifically technical) audience. The time slot that Sónar+D is giving us for this general presentations is limited, but we will try to fit as many presentations as possible.
  • Number of people coming from a company is limited to 1 presenter / evangelist of your technologies together with up to 2 hackers
For companies, please read the Get involved section.