A series of workshops will be organized during the first one and half hours of the hacking session. These workshops will last 20 minutes each, and though they are optional for hackers, they are very recommended, as they will span topics that are transversal but complimentary to the API presentations. From advising hackers on how to pitch their ideas in 3 minutes, to how to use hardware tools (3d printers, lasers, etc), software tools (Web Audio API) or even API tools.

How to pitch your idea in 3 minutes? by Julián Vinué (director of Wayra Barcelona)

About the workshop: This session will focus on the main messages your pitch has to contain, making it memorable to other hackers, investors, customers, friends... and also very easy to understand, following the KISS concept. And remember, it's a WORKshop, so be ready to practice your pitch and receive feedback!

About the speaker: Telecommunications Engineer and MBA, Julián Vinué was leading the Entrepreneurship Area at La Salle Technova Barcelona until 2012, where he managed a community of 100+ startups looking for investment and gave them support in their business development. Then Vinué went on to direct the Wayra Academy in Barcelona, the startup accelerator powered by Telefónica to support technology entrepreneurs with projects in Europe and Latin America. Vinué is also speaker at entrepreneurship conferences and university, trying to communicate new entrepreneurs and degree students his experience with other startups.

Makers Corner

MADE, Barcelona’s first makerspace, will be creating a pop-up fabrication laboratory within the Music Hack Day venue this year. Traditional workshop tools, electronic instruments, 3D printers and Laser engraving/cutting will be available with a selection of acrylic, plastic and wood materials. Throughout the duration of the event, a team of professional makers from MADE will be available to assist participant teams to design, develop and fabricate their projects. During this workshop they will explain you how to take advantage of the tools available for your hardware hacks.

About MADE: it is an open space designed to accommodate and provide tools to a community of artists, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, makers, fabbers and hackers so they can develop and execute their projects. MADE is a non-profit cultural association owned and operated by our members. The objective of MADE is to promote open and participatory community development, learning, peer to peer, co-production and entrepreneurship activities. We strive to incubate knowledge and experiential learning, prototype concepts and ideas for professionals or students and provide facilities to individual or collective DIY projects.

Web Audio API by Paul Adenot

About the workshop: the Web Audio API, now that it is implemented in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, is the to-go answer for all you web experiments in need of rich audio synthesis and processing. In this workshop, you will get a tour of what the API can do, understand its design, and will be able to apply it directly during the hackathon. We will also talk about compatibility between browsers to ensure the use of this API during the hackathon goes as smoothly as possible.

About the speaker: Paul is a media developer at Mozilla. He primarily works on the audio output backends for the various platforms Firefox runs on, and helps implementing Web Audio in Firefox. He also co-authors the Web Audio API specification at the W3C.

Top tips to rock at hackathons by Manfred Bortenschlager

About the workshop: This talk will cover some of the challenges developers face at hackathons. Specifically we will introduce which helps to overcome these challenges. APItools does specifically two things very well: First, it helps developers getting a better overview of the integrated APIs as they are all collected and managed in one place. Web APIs can much easier debugged and performance problems can be noticed quicker. Second, APItools provides the possibility to modify API requests or responses. In essence, APItools is like a proxy where arbitrary modifications such as translating between data formats can be executed.

About the speaker: Manfred (@ManfredBo) is an API Evangelist at 3scale – delivering Out-of-the-Box API Management (@3scale). His job involves educating markets about the value of APIs and about how to implement API programs. Manfred also blogs about topics around APIs and developer evangelism and curates articles about API strategy and technology for the API Magazine.